Struggling to find new leads? We’ve got just the right formula. We’ll start with making sure you have strong content to catch the attention of your targets and evaluate your website to make sure it projects the image you desire and streamlines your sales pipeline. We’ll also make sure that your website will be visible in internet searches by improving your search engine optimization (SEO).

Your personal marketing manager will engage and interact with prospects via social media directly and join relevant groups to respond to requests and recommendations for services in an effort to find real, organic leads. They’ll manage your online reputation by responding to reviews to make sure you’re presented in the best light. They’ll also follow up with your current clients to make them feel valued in order to improve retention and engagement.

Start with making sure there is good content to attract targets, make sure the website gives you the image of credibility desired or streamlines sale pipeline. Engage and interact with people on social media “Hello messages” or joining groups to respond to requests for recommendations/services. SEO help ensure visibility in search. Reputation management to make sure that positive feedback is visible.

MM, follow-up with current clients for retention/engagement and feelings of value


"So that's us, improving your community one business at a time."