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We Can Juggle Anything

here are some sample plans that we can make work for your business...

  • The Standard Plan

    $175 per week

    Answering messages, posts and new followers & friends on all of your social media websites.

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  • The Tight Rope Walking Package

    $125 per week

    The tight rope walking package is for people who are really ready to test social media’s abilities.

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  • The Complete Package

    $250 per week

    Get the most out of my services with this all inclusive package!

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Not seeing what you’re looking for? Check out additional options…

A La Carte Menu

Create your own custom package based on your company’s needs and budget! Learn More ❱

Varying Prices

Marketing Plan

A marketing plan is an instruction manual, customized to your business, letting you know exactly how/what to do every day, week, and month to successfully market your business online. This is perfect for someone with the time to do their own marketing.


Marketing Advisor

Internet marketing is an ever-changing platform. Almost monthly, the Social Media interfaces update their websites- change buttons, add things, take things away, etc. Hire us as your marketing advisor and we will give you a marketing plan and meet with you once every quarter to make sure you’re always on top of the latest info!