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Why Online Marketing?

Is it Networking on Steroids? The New Billboard Marketing? The Most Cost Effective Option?
How About all of the above!
Social Media is the least expensive strategy available to target your business to anyone, anywhere!

Traditional forms of marketing such as Television, Radio and Print Ads are extremely costly, difficult to select tagerted audiences and impossible to personally interact with each individual veiwer, listener or reader. By using the internet to market your business, you can target an unlimited number of people, anywhere in the world, all for a set monthly cost you can afford. On top of that, you can send direct, personal messages, to your target market as if they are your neighbor!

Jillian’s Circus can help you take the traditional store-front and turn it into a website, the traditional television ad and turn it into a YouTube Video, the traditional Radio Ad and turn it into a PodCast, the traditional Print Ad and turn it into a virtual ad on your target market’s favorite websites, the traditional flyer and turn it into a post on Social Media, the traditional cold call and turn it into friending/following/ connecting with others on social media, and the traditional hostess greeting at the door into a friendly hello message.

Sounds Scary? It’s Not! Think about how your parents felt when you started listening to Rock, Disco, Punk Rock or Rap music…  We are using the same values and messages, just different technology; different sound, different time. “Technology is changing the way society connects everyone. We can help you go beyond the marketing and into the future.


jillians-circus-networking-services-chart46% of consumers use the internet to make informed purchases.
76% of businesses are using social media for business objectives.
71% of consumers say they are more likely to purchase from a brand they follow online.

92% of consumers trust their peers when making a decision to buy.