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What Makes Us Different

Is your current marketing not working and you don’t understand why? There could be a few reasons such as:

  • Your marketing efforts are not consistent enough
  • Your Marketing efforts are not reaching enough of the right people
  • You don’t really know what you’re doing when it comes to marketing
  • You don’t have time to market your business properly
  • You have an amateur doing your marketing because it’s "cost effective"

Jillian’s Circus makes sure you are consistently sharing professional and relevant content from your business to the highest number of people, for the best price possible. We use traditional marketing values and new-age technology to connect you to your target market.

We work on your budget

You know how most online companies give you limited package options that may not fit your needs or budget? Jillian’s Circus has unlimited options when it comes to package types and prices. This way, we can give you the most effective option for your money.

Trained Marketing Staff that Works in House

You know how many marketing companies are either solo entrepreneurs or they hire outside to get more work done? Jillian’s Circus hires local employees who are required to go through a rigorous training process in order to begin working with clients. Our dedicated staff works in the office and is happy to be in touch with you by e-mail, phone or in-person.

We go beyond the media and into the future.

Anyone can have 10,000 likes on Facebook but who are those people and will they ever bring you revenue? Here at Jillian’s Circus, we focus on the quality of your audience rather than the quantity. Our Marketing Managers go above and beyond the norm, to build your audience by going into the small corners of the online community to connect your target market directly to you. They comb the internet to individually pick out your prospective clients and increase your probability of getting real results.

We Don’t Skimp

While other online marketing companies will do as little as possible, at Jillian’s Circus we do more than just increase numbers for you. We make sure your pages are inviting and your posts worthwhile for potential connections to link back with you once we find them. We want to create that immediate positive feeling you get when you walk into a shop or restaurant, and a salesperson or hostess greets you to tell you about specials/ sales and asks, “How can I assist you today?” but on the web. This way, your current and potential customers will feel welcomed by you, which in turn will transform your business from a salesperson into a friend.

We will not just throw a post online every once in a while. We consistently advertise your products, services, daily specials, and events. We also say hello to every new friend and follower, wish each of your friends a happy birthday; and congratulate them on a new job, promotion, marriage, or baby.  We can play online games with them and invite them to your events. Your business will become part of their lives, turning your content into relevant, engaging and entertaining posts as though from a trustworthy friend.

As our client, you will receive individual attention, frequent updates, and opportunities to network with our many satisfied clients. You will always have access to your pages, receive frequent progress reports, and our staff will personally advocate for your business at every possible opportunity. We also provide custom plans that can be changed if needed and full support throughout your campaign. This process has proved highly successful in the long term.

Individual Attention

Most online marketing companies have some full time staff members or work free-lance on their own, making it impossible to put in the 5-40 hours of work per week for more than a handful of clients. In turn their prices are either very high, or they cannot complete all of the necessary work. Jillian’s Circus hires individuals full and part-time depending on their availability and client’s needs. This allows employees to work around their commitments and for our clients to get the individualized attention and time they need.


Since you can do Online Marketing from anywhere with internet, many online marketing companies are located overseas and have little accountability for your business. Jillian’s Circus instills high levels of accountability in employees during training and employment, and we hire people who are part of your community which means they, their family, and friends may frequent your business. Therefore we are accountable for your success at all times.


Many online marketing companies say they are working but how do you know? When you sign up with Jillian’s Circus, you are able to reach your marketing manager by e-mail, phone, video chat and by visiting our office. We send weekly reports that clearly outline your progress and results.