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Complete Package

"The Whole Circus"

The Whole Circus package is the ultimate answer to all of your Social Media needs and the most effective package for long term results. This package includes:

  • A custom marketing plan for your business
  • A list of keywords to help focus your brand
  • Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Pinterest, Google+ and Instagram account management
  • The creation of Social Media Websites above needed for your business
  • Consistent posting to Social Media Websites above
  • Answering comments, messages and questions from customers
  • Joining and posting to groups and community pages
  • Involving your business in online discussions and chats with your target market
  • Growing your online network by gaining new friends and followers
  • Social Media Networking with my current clients

Bonus Whole Circus Features:

  • E-mail Blasts
  • Growing your e-mail list
  • Online event promotion
  • Answering Reviews on all of your review websites


Price: $250/ per week or $1000/ month