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Our Mission

Jillian’s Circus is a full service online marketing company. We use traditional marketing values and new-age technology to connect you with your target market.

Our mission is to enhance the local economy by hiring local people to do the online marketing and networking for local companies, with the hope that, those businesses can hire more people and do even more business with each other.

Jillian’s Circus hires local people to help business owners promote themseves online. Our hope is that if our clients are doing well, they will hire more people to work with them and those people will be able to spend money on other businesses they like. Sounds like a utopia? Perhaps it is but, why not try?

Our Goals Include:

  1. Gaining business leads, sales and connections for our clients.
  2. Making maketing your business affordable so you have more money to put back into your business.
  3. Providing jobs for those who need and are willing to work hard.
  4. Building communities of people with similar interests all over the world using the internet.
  5. Providing an opportunity for young adults to gain experience in leadership and business skills that are not normally taught in traditional school settings.

We are in the business of connecting professionals to the people and jobs they are looking for.

Jillian’s Message

Hi! I’m Jillian Weston, founder of Jillian’s Circus, an Online Marketing company based in the New York area. My life has always been a Circus...16 things going on at once, clowns all around me, spectacular outfits, elephants galore, and glitter always raining down. Instead of coming from a Tech background like most SEO/SMM professionals, I have a degree in hotel and restaurant management and plenty of work experience in sales and marketing see my LinkedIn page.

These experiences, as well as extensive travel, give me a distinct advantage in the online arena. Instead of sounding robotic, I utilize a friendlier approach. I know how to interact with the online community in an amiable and, positive way that makes prospective customers feel excited to try your product or service. I teach these skills to all of my employees.  

After graduating from college, I started working for a local hotel. My passion for Social Media was ignited by the hotel’s Facebook page. Soon I started posting to it and thereafter took on other marketing responsibilities. It was then that I really began to look into Social Media; I saw its potential to make a positive different in peoples’ lives by connecting them with the people they were searching for. I also saw it as a way to provide jobs to people in need. It became my passion to help business owners find potential buyers online and to provide jobs for local people.

In March 2013, I opened Jillian’s Circus LLC. Since opening, we have worked with hundreds of business owners and professionals. Many of them have been recognized locally and nationally due to our efforts. For more information on Jillian’s Circus’ accomplishments and milestones, please visit (and like) our Facebook Page or Follow us on Instagram.

I believe many people have the wrong idea about online marketing. They see it as just a place to put information. I see it as a place to interact with customers, clients and community members on a much deeper level. Just like people used to know the local butcher or doctor, or shop keeper and their family, I want people to achieve that same comfortable feeling when they see your name/ logo on the internet.

I hope you will join me in this next chapter of my journey to help me make a positive impact on the world.



Our Mission

Our mission is to improve the local neighborhood by creating an online community with friendly posts, individualized attention, and networking. We do this by employing local, energetic people who can transform their skills into a long-term career; promote and care about the people and businesses in their community, and achieve growth and success in their own lives and the businesses they frequent.