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DIY Marketing Plan

"The Unicycle"

Jillian’s Circus now offers a practical DIY Manual aka The Unicycle Plan. If you have the time, the energy and the staff to implement your own social media marketing campaign, this manual is the valuable guide you need to get started.

Our DIY Manual includes:

  • A Focus Sheet that outlines your business’ individual Brand and Target Market
  • 50-100 keywords to use for Promotion
  • Instructions for how often, what time of day, what websites, and how to Post on all relevant Social Media Platforms
  • Instructions on how to Gain New Leads by Friending, Following, and Connecting with people online.
  • Advice on how to follow up and interact with your new audience.
  • A one-hour lesson to learn how to use the plan and get started!


All of which we tailor specifically to your needs and your business model.

If you prefer to manage your own social media marketing campaign, our Unicycle Plan is the plan for you. The manual and training session is now available for $1,500.00

For an extra $250 per quarter, we will update the manual for you and schedule a refresher lesson every three months so you’ll be up to date with program and trend changes.