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1. How much does online marketing cost?

An Online Marketing campaign with Jillian’s Circus can start at $25/week and go up to thousands of dollars a week. It all depends on your company’s needs, budget and package. Schedule a meeting today to discuss your individual needs.

2.How many hours do you spend on each client a week?

Marketing managers spend anywhere between 3 and 40 hours per week on your company’s campaign depending on your size and budget. Schedule a meeting to discuss your needs today.

3. How long should I wait to see results?

My clients report an increase in leads within the first six months of their campaign and a noticeable increase in sales from year to year. These results vary based on a large number of factors. Schedule a meeting to find out where you stand today.

4. Why does it take so long to see results?

It takes a long time to see results because people take a long time to process and understand information. Traditional rules of marketing state that for every one hundred people contacted, one to five people will be a worthwhile client/customer. Marketing 101 also states that people need to see something five times before they fully understand it. That means as many as hundreds of people in your target market need to see your content at least 5 times before even 2-5% can reach out to you. It’s not easy or quick, but once we build your audience to thousands of likes on Facebook, thousands of followers on Twitter and Instagram, hundreds of connections on LinkedIn, etc. that 2-5% will add up quickly. Therefore, we suggest you work with your marketing manager to come up with great promotions and content to send to us so we can post it.

5. How can my business see results faster?

There are a few ways you can increase your chances of early results including; providing a large e-mail list, increasing your investment by adding Facebook Ads, more social media, search engine optimization, creating a great video, etc. putting effort into the business on your own such as joining networking groups and increasing the size of your current network, etc.

6. Will you come up with content to post or do I have to send it to you?

This really depends on your preference. Some clients send their marketing manager content every few days, some don’t send any at all. Although creating content is not an obligation because, when you sign up as a client, we will fill out a focus sheet together which will outline your audience, target market, goals, etc. This focus sheet will give us the information necessary to create your online marketing plan. Your marketing manager will use that plan to come up with great content for you. However, you know your business and audience best because you are the business owner/ professional.

7. How far in advance do you need content from me?

For all written, picture, and video content; we would prefer it a week in advance. For all event information or information you would like sent in an e-mail, we ask for it a month in advance.

8. How often do you post?

This depends on what product/service you have and the culture of the page. As I am writing this in 2016, Facebook Pages don’t need more than one post a day whereas on Twitter you can post once every hour. If you are a fashion designer, you can post more often than if you are a financial advisor because the designer will most likely have more visual content than the financial advisor. Your marketing manager will discuss what is best for you before starting your campaign and keep you posted if the rules change as the months and years go by.

9. How do you know who my target market is?

During the first week of your campaign we will do a focus sheet together which will outline your target market, keywords, branding, and more.

10. How will I know if it’s working?

Your marketing manager will send you a report once a week outlining everything they have done for your campaign during that week. This weekly report includes how many friends/followers/connections you have as compared to last week, all messaged feedback and leads, and more.

11. Can you run my online marketing if you’re already running my competitors?

Yes. Although you may sell the same product or provide the same service, each business owner and professional is unique. Jillian’s Circus works closely with our clients so we can promote what makes you the best option regardless of anyone else. Plus, if your competition is already working with us, they already have a head start so you better call soon to catch up!

12. Can we start Social Media without an e-mail list or a website?

Yes. You can promote your business without an e-mail list or website however, we suggest you have us create a website (or create one yourself) before starting Social Media or SEO.